How do I Uninstall openSUSE13.1 and Restore Boot to Windows 7?

I’m dual booting openSUSE 13.1 and Windows 7 but I decided to remove openSUSE and just use it in a VM inside my Windows 7.
How do I uninstall openSUSE13.1 and restore default boot to my Windows 7? In openSUSE, I deleted all the openSUSE partitions and went to the boot loader but unluckily, I can’t find the reset MBR. I tried in the boot loader to choose boot from MBR but error occurs when I clicked Okay. I have do disk of my Windows 7 anymore. Help please.

Welcome to the forums. Assuming you have done nothing else to the disk, you could try which is also included in some rescue tools such as

What I did was I reinstalled openSUSE 13.1 so that I will be able to boot my Windows 7. How do I use TestDisk just to restore the boot loader after I delete the partitions?

The reason why you had to reinstall openSUSE 13.1 is that the MBR now points to Grub which is on your openSUSE partition. Because I do not have Windows installed, this may not help but, if you open YaST>Bootloader, there are a number of options for configuring the bootloader. It is possible that, with Windows installed, you will have an option to restore the MBR and so boot directly into Windows but don’t change anything in YaST unless you are absolutely sure it is what you want to do because you could make things worse.

If that option doesn’t seem possible, download the SystemRescueCD iso and follow the instructions to burn it to a CD or install it on a USB stick and read the manual carefully where it explains how to mount a Windows partition.

Then read the testdisk instructions and, once you have run SystemRescue and mounted the Windows partition, follow the instructions to restore the MBR.

Yeah most linuxes overwrite the MBR and you must have the original windows disc to get rid of the GRUB boot screen.

But why not keep a dual boot, after all there are advantages to keeping a linux dual boot compared to single booting windows.
(mainly security and sometimes even speed boosting, it can also help in recovery)
Also maybe openSUSE might not be the best for a new user, I suggest something like linux mint if you like things like codecs preinstalled.