How do I script the installation of patterns and packages

I have a large number of patterns and packages that I typically select from Yast after installing openSUSE. Is there a way to pass Yast the list from a file? If not, is there an efficiency issue in calling zipper with a long list of packages to install?

Ideally I would like to have a single shell script that will enable Packman from the community repositories, select all of the patterns that I want, select all of the additional packages that I want and not give me any prompts that I wouldn’t get if I selected everything manually from the Yast menu.

I prefer to keep my install scripts separate from the installation.
If you want to create a completely unattended install, then you can use AutoYaST.

When the script is run separately from the install,
I have the option to write the script so that it can be applied to TW, LEAP, or any openSUSE version I wish to support.

Some basic commands that can be used in an unattended script…

A script I wrote that detects the version of openSUSE it’s running on, adds repositories as necessary, installs various dependencies, and then kicks off the project’s main C Build

Various other install scripts I’ve written are sprinkled throughout my Wiki,
Many I have not looked at in years so don’t know if they work or what would be needed to update to run on a later openSUSE but can give you ideas how to do various things

One interesting script I wrote is to install Devstack which uses heredoc as an answer file to give me some configuration flexibility

You can also post any questions you might have about creating install scripts in the Development forum…

And yes,
Everything you listed in your original post about making your script iadd a repo, install and possibly configure packages/apps is described in my links.