How do I remove the roblox completely?

I installed roblox using wine. However, the installation process did not end until the end (as I think - because of the blocking of roblox for Linux, as I found out later). I tried to remove the roblox via wine uninstaller, but it was just missing there:
Now I have so much garbage…

I tried to just delete it while I was in the search itself. But a dialog box popped up that there is no such file or directory and delete forever?. When answering Yes for all or No for all, the window There is no such file or directory and the OK button popped up again… I’m very stupid… Pls, help)

Roblox is not installed anymore. As it can easily be seen at the file path, this is your Recycle bin/Trash directory. You simply need to empty the recycle bin. Dependend on your desktop environment there are different ways to do it. Normally there is a recycle bin/Trash icon on your desktop…but we don’t even know what desktop environment you are using…

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Thanks! very much
Indeed, I did’nt know that rofi (start menu) could find shortcuts even for deleted files :sweat_smile:

I am using JaKooLit Hyprland-dots. It does’nt have a desktop with shortcuts. However, I was able to find the Trash in Thunar on the left.

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