How do I Know my System is Secure?

openSUSE 12.1 KDE

Windows has antivirus for what it is worth. At least I feel secure doing online banking & shopping. So is there a way to see how secure I am in openSUSE?

While no Operating System is immune from Viruses, so far Linux has not seen much in this area. While most everyone feels it is more secure by nature, it is also true that the thief’s go after Windows because there is more money to be stolen there than going after the Linux desktop. None the less, there are things you should do to keep yourself safe.

  1. Keep Your system up-to-date. Check the round gear on the Task bar or in YaST / Software Management.
  2. Keep your Firewall Turned On. You can check at YaST / Security & Users / Firewall.
  3. Use Passwords that are secure (10+ characters, includes Lower and Upper case Letters, Numbers & special characters like a !) and use different passwords for all important sites.
  4. Never used an unsecured network. This mainly applies to Wireless, but also could be wired at Hotels & Airports.
  5. Use common sense with email & web sites. Never input sensitive data to an unsolicited request and make sure you know what you are connected to.

These are just a few suggestions that come to my mind on the subject. Feel free to ask more about any subject I mention.

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Excellent that will get me started.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would also add that you should create a separate password for yourself as a regular user and for root. Do not log in as root user unless necessary, but log in your regular user account.