How do I delete a large file?

It sounds silly but in Dolphin (KDE) I am trying to delete a very large file. Move to wastebasket does not work because I need to empty Wastebasket but I have done that so I guess there is not enough space. There are no other options for deleting a file with Dolphin.

not really delete it from command line

rm filename

Am 29.12.2013 20:06, schrieb gogalthorp:
> not really delete it from command line
> rm filename
or mark it in dolphin and press [shift][del] instead of just [del]

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And yet another method, if you need to do this a lot but prefer GUI and Mouse clicks.

(assuming KDE) In Dolphin, Select Settings-Configure Dolphin - Services and scroll down to Delete , which by default is de-selected.

Once selected and Applied, you can right click on a file name (or selection of file names) and Delete will be a menu option, along with Move to Trash.

For safety, Delete will ask, by default, for a confirmation, but you can turn that off as well if it bothers you.

other suggestions in this thread will work just fine but another option is to increase the maximum allowable size of the trashcan/wastebasket

right click on the trashcan (if you are using the desktop widget) and select trashcan settings.
Either increase the maximum size or uncheck limit to maximum size.

Right. And if you are not using the desktop widget, you can configure this in dolphin’s settings f.e.
Click on the Gear symbol in the tool bar (or open the “Settings” menu, if the menu bar is visible) and choose “Configure Dolphin”. There is a separate module to configure the Trashcan.
And the same settings dialog is also available in Konqueror’s settings.