How do I change background of Konsole?

In a terminal (Konsole) window I have difficulty seeing some color combinations against the black background.
For example, the output of ‘ls’ shows zipped files in a color I can barely see.
I know I can manipulate the output color of ls but there may be other times when I have this problem not using ls.

I’d like to know how to permanently change the terminal display to a background of a light blue or perhaps a yellow or green shade. I won’t know what looks good until I try it.
I know this can be done in DOS but I don’t know how to do it in openSuse.

Thanks, Jon

Click “Settings”

Click “Edit Current Profile”

Click “Appearance”

make your selection, and click OK.

Wow, that was very nice, and easy too.

Like the way mousing over the colors dynamically changes so I can see immediate effect before applying the change.