How come that GIMP version number in TW is lagging behind Leap?

I have noticed that the version number of GIMP according to this page: is 2.6 in TW, while it is 2.8 in Leap 42.3 and 15.0. And I have noticed this lag for quite over a month.

How is this even possible? My understanding is that Leap and TW are both created from the same source (Factory), and Leap (roughly speaking) simply freezes versions. Which suggests to me that at best, Leap would be on the same version as TW, but never ahead.

How come Leap is now ahead?

Also, apart from the technical reasons why TW should be ahead, how come this has not been fixed yet? Isn’t TW supposed to be bleeding edge?

PS: I am not really concerned about GIMP versions, and I am not a TW user. However, I am interested to understand the processes behind openSUSE’s builds and releases that have lead to this outcome.

Flaky database…

Information for package gimp:
Repository     : openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Oss           
Name           : gimp                              
Version        : 2.10.2-1.2                        
Arch           : x86_64

If you follow the Official Tumbleweed package link, it will arrive at the version in use…

Ah, I see. So, it’s just the webpage reporting the wrong version.

That makes sense, thanks.

My colleague and I also notice this and now it makes sense, thanks for the info.