How can update all apps at one time

I run YOU to see available updates, and many of them are noticed in blue in the version column. However, to update these packages I have to click all that blue packages and click update manually. How can I update all these updates at one time instead of clicking one by one? Thanks.

Try a right click and select all in this list update if newer packages available. Does that help?

Or, if you don’t mind command line, you can do (as root)

zypper up -t package

Click Packages - All packages - Update if newer version is available

Hi Folks,
I just did “zypper up” because I’ve figured out from info that the default value for “-t” is already “package”. So as a result I think I need this update :slight_smile:

Overall download size: 370.6 M. After the operation, additional 87.5 M will be used.

“All in the list” method also works but I have to the same thing for all package group by one by.


I think I was wron with my previous message:

Updating Software with Zypper

There are two different ways to update software using zypper. To integrate all officially released patches into your system, just run the

zypper update

command. In this case, all patches that are available in your repositories are checked for relevance, and installed if necessary.

If a repository just has new packages, but does not provide patches, zypper update does not show any effect. To update all of these packages, you must specify to install updates of the type package:

zypper update -t package

To update individual packages, simply use the installation command:

zypper install package_name

A list of all new packages available can be obtained with the command

zypper list-updates -t package

From the blog:

Complete Dose of Linux Poison: How To use zypper in OpenSuse