How can i Prepare the modem in opensuse

Hello everyone

I’m new members for Linux
before I use WINDOWS 7
But I want to be more Advanced than only use WINDOWS OS

the First problem i have it

How can i Prepare the modem in opensuse??

I have Laptop hp dv2000

and my modem is


please help me :


If the information is incomplete
tell me what its ??

‘modem’ is kind of vague

Have you actually installed openSUSE?
If so, please explain more clearly what you mean by ‘Modem’
Ie; dialup, broadband, (wireless)

Hello and welcome to opensuse.
English does not seem to be your native language. What do you speak normally (maybe some of us can coach you in your language).
In all cases we need to know:
Did you already install OpenSuse on your laptop?
Which version of OpenSuse did you install?
Which desktop did you chose during install? (If you did not change the default, it should be KDE).
If I do understand, you wish to use the build in modem Conexant with OpenSuse. Did you read the pdf guides of OpenSuse prior to install? If you did, did you notice a program that is called Yast?

For what I understand your modem is the following softmodem:
Conexant HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem

The drivers from Linuxant should work: LINK

Thank you for your interaction with me

Will give you more details

I’ve installed Opensuse 11 with Gnom desktop

You know im not very good in English So i use google translate hahah

ok my modem is dial-up
and your right

Conexant HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem

my quetion is How can i Prepare my dial-up modem in opensuse11

give me the step coz im new in opensuse 11

thanks everyone

Hi moom2it. I have found that openSUSE 11.0 does not work well with the Linuxant modem drivers, due to the kernel version and the need to modify alsa (sound system).

The Linuxant website mentions

(*) Note for SUSE 11.0 users: Installing the alsa-driver-linuxant package is required before installing the HSF driver package. Users with non-HDA modems might prefer installing a generic package which doesn’t depend on alsa-driver-linuxant.

I have never been able to get this working myself, (although I had my modem working with suse 10.2 and earlier).

I would recommend upgrading to openSUSE 11.2 instead. There are packages listed for the 11.2 kernels without the need to install custom alsa packages.

INSTALLING: Follow the link provided by stakanov, click on the appropriate package for your kernel version. This command will tell you what kernel version you are using

uname -r

Take care to install the correct one for your system. Use the package manager to install. It should take care of any dependencies.

To use your modem, you will need to install kppp or kinternet via YaST.

The YaST modem configuration utility should be able to find your modem automatically (once the hsfmodem RPM has been downloaded and installed).

Thanks deano_ferrari about your answer but im really sorry due im new member in Linux at all the Opensuse11 it the first step of me in Open Source World
maybe I should to learn more about opensuse11 due i cant understanding well about how i can use opensuse at all

thanks from all i will read
Beginner’s guide to Linux

Yes, you should, and you should read also: LINK](


THANKS stakanov


:slight_smile: lol!