How can I play .flv videos in Banshee?


Is there any way I can run .flv videos in Banshee? It plays the audio (which I believe is mp3), but it shows no video.

Thank you.

I don’t even have a .flv to try but it’s not the app I would use anyway. I’m wondering why you would give it preference to vlc or smplayer

I do have the preference set to vlc, but i’d just find it a lot easier to be able to access my videos in Banshee, the same place where I have al my music stored. Just to kind of make it like a multimedia center.

There is a media centre app called XBMC (in packman) but you need to know that packman may be down and be that way for a week or so.

I still can answer you on banshee and .flv

I’ve used XMBC before, and I love it, but haven’t had much luck with it on linux. I had it running on Ubuntu, but it was… horrid, compared to its Windows counterpart.

Sure, in the meantime I’d like Banshee to play .flv files. :slight_smile: