How can I make WoWLAN activation persistent?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on the openSUSE wiki about how to enable WoWLAN.
Same thing with the Arch Wiki.
Luckily, there’s a page on the site that details how to activate it, except at the end where it describes the steps to make the change persistent but for a system that appears to use sysv.

The page with the tutorial is at:

Thank you.

Is this helpful ?


Thank you, but that if for an ethernet interface using the ethtool program. The procedure I found on the tutorial uses the iw program.

As you are on Tumbleweed you are most likely using NetworkManager which supports 802-11-wireless.wake-on-wlan connection setting. I do not know if it is exposed by any frontend, but you can use nmcli to (persistently) set it or simply edit connection definition. It is not specific to openSUSE in any way.

See man nm-settings for details.

Thank you, I figured out how to modify the connection profile in NetworkManager via nmcli by adapting the instructions on the Arch Wiki WOL configuration page for the wake-on-wlan property.


NetworkManager provides Wake-on-LAN ethernet support. One way to enable Wake-on-LAN by magic packet is through nmcli.

First, search for the name of the wired connection:

nmcli con show

NAME UUID TYPE DEVICE wired1 612e300a-c047-4adb-91e2-12ea7bfe214e 802-3-ethernet enp0s25

By following, one can view current status of Wake-on-LAN settings:

nmcli c show “wired1” | grep 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan

802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan: default 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan-password: –

Enable Wake-on-LAN by magic packet on that connection:

nmcli c modify “wired1” 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan magic

Then reboot, possibly two times. To disable Wake-on-Lan, substitute magic with ignore.

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Connected a ThinkBook using the plasma applet. A single configuration file does the trick:

thinkbook:~ # cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/FRITZ\!Box\ Karl\ Mistelberger.nmconnection
ssid=FRITZ!Box Karl Mistelberger
thinkbook:~ # 

More at Wake-on-LAN, a working case - #4 by karlmistelberger

I’m guessing plasma-nm doesn’t expose WoWLAN in the GUI?
I already added a suggestion to the gnome NetworkManager gitlab to expose it, since they already do on the Ethernet panel.
I think it should be exposed on every Network Settings UI no matter the Desktop Environment.

Running nmcli connection modify wlp5s0 802-11-wireless.wake-on-wlan magic added a single line to section [wifi]of the configuration file.

ssid=FRITZ!Box Karl Mistelberger

It may take years to make this available in the applets.

Yes, thank you that’s what I did.
However, without someone pointing to the flaw, it could even take decades.