How can I install the full MATE Desktop Environment

How can I install the full MATE Desktop Environment with the extra applications

If you are using the DVD installer, then the easiest way is to add online repos during the install. There’s a fairly early prompt for that. Maybe add both the main-oss repo and the oss-update repo (they might have slightly different names).

Then, when you see a summary page, click on SOFTWARE. Select the MATE pattern, and add any additional software that you want.

If you prefer an offline install (without adding repos), then you will have to choose “minimal X”, and add the MATE pattern later (after the install, when you can connect to the repos).

This is from my personal notes, for myself. Take a look, it could be helpful. It repeats in more details the previous answer.

Tumbleweed: Install Mate

Is it possible to do a clean Tumbleweed Mate installation? Not over another DE but in a plain, minimal X window system? To save the disk space and avoid installing unneeded software? Yes, it’s possible.

Main points are:

  • specify Add On product URL, that points to Mate repo (optional but recommended)
  • select Minimal X Window installation type
  • on first boot, reconfigure the system to start Mate instead of IceWM

It’s better to use NET ISO for installation. It has a wider software election than a DVD ISO.

In details.

A. Installation

  1. During installation, check (select) the “Include Add On products from separate media” option (checkbox).

  2. I woud like to install an additional Add On Product…

  3. Specify URL…

For Mate, the URL to specify is:

Mate is present in the main Oss repo, but:

  • it is slightly older than those in this repo
  1. From available installation configurations (Kde, Gnome, Other) select Other → Minimal X Window. This will install a minimal X Window system with IceWM and without any DE.

    1. On user configuration screen, DISABLE Automatic Login. It is handy for successsive reconfiguration. We’ll enable autologin later.
  2. We’re at the Installation Overview screen. Don’t remember the exact title. This is the last one, after which the installation actually starts, with Booting, Software Selection, Run level, Firewall sections.

Click the Software Selection title (section) to enter in it

  1. Mate as a product is included by default in the standard NET ISO software. There are two lines for it in Software Selection. Whether you’ve added Mate repo or not, there are at least two Mate items in the usual available software list.
  • Mate base system
  • Mate desktop environment
  1. Check (select) the Mate desktop environment option. Mate base system will be auto-selected.

  2. Confirm the selection. Start the installation.

B. Configuration

The goal is to switch the system from booting into IceWM to boot into Mate and use LightDM as a display manager.
  1. Mate has been installed, but the minimal X window remains the default system.

  2. Boot, login to IceWM.

  3. Start xterm.

  4. In xterm, start yast, with the command:

sudo yast

We’'re in Yast now, which runs in text ncurses mode The default screen font is very small and very hard to read. Don’t remember, where it can be changed. Please, be patient.

The commands below refer to yast.

  1. System (left) → /etc/sysconfig Editor (right)

The Editor module starts.

  1. Desktop (left)

  2. Display Manager → DISPLAYMANAGER (left)

Set it to lightdm (on the right).

LightDM is installed along with Mate.

  1. Window Manager → DEFAULT_WM (left)

Set it to marco (on the right).

Marco is Mate’s window manager, and is installed along with Mate.

  1. Finish

  2. Quit

We’re done. After reboot the system will present the LightDM login screen. Select Mate session for login, enter user credentials, and enter to Mate.

To enable autologin:

  • start Yast
  • select /etc/sysconfig Editor
  • Display Manager → DISPLAYMANAGER_AUTOLOGIN (left)

Set it to just (on the right). This is the user which will be automatically logged in. Use your own user instead.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: