How can I generate barcode ?


I’m in a analysis (for then, develop) of a simple proyect. The only way I can’t found how create barcode.

IS there any program to generate them ?

Just in case: PRograms are written is in PHP, Javascript and MySQL



If you had done a web search you would have found various PHP classes for generating barcodes. For example, one of the hits is:

Generating Barcodes with PHP — Create A Website

There seem to be multiple candidates so it’s up to you to select a suitable one. Most (all?) of them use GD to generate the image.

I see now.-

I was looking for generate them with other external program instead of looking into php libraries !! lol!

thanks for the feedback!
and lots of thanks for your patience with me!

You are helping me a lot. thanks



that’s right , an external program is what we are looking for

On 08/20/2013 11:46 AM, foodmore wrote:
> an external program is what we are looking for

sorry but i’m not sure what you mean by an “external program” (to
generate barcodes) but, there is a “Text-Mode Barcode Creation
Utility” and a “Barcode and Label Printing Application” as well as
many utilities and programs with the word ‘barcode’ in their
names–all of which can be found at

HTH, thank you.


Ever tried to use barcode font for that? I think it’s a comparatively easier way. You just download and install it to ur project then u can start generating barcode after the barcoding function is integrated into ur program. Other ways include barcode control, barcode library. Like in ur own case, you may search barcode java library which might be a whole set of tools for generating barcode using Javascript.

This .NET Barcode Generator]( can be easily used in .NET framework for high-quality linear, postal and 2D barcode creation and customization.