How can I export favorites from Konqueror?

Title pretty much says it all- I would like to know how to export my favorites from Konqueror. I am getting ready to switch over to a new machine and need to back up my files before I do.

Thanks for your time.

> I would like to know how to export my favorites from Konqueror.

What is this “favorites”? I see no “favorites” on Konqueror menu! I find
no “favorites” anywhere in Konqueror help files!

If you mean bookmarks have you searched the KDE Help for bookmarks?

Maybe this works: Click in Konqueror menu Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks > File >
Export where you can export to another format, save and carry that to your new
machine, then Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks > File > Import and stuff the saved
bookmarks into your new machine.

My Bad- You have to cut a guy some slack, after years of being a prisoner of the Borg Collective (Windows), it takes awhile to become a free thinker! :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot.

Just a hint: you could also backup your entire ~/.kde, then all KDE-settings could be exported at once by simply copying it to the new directory. You could even backup the entire /home with all its settings (not recommended when switching to another distribution, though), that saves a lot of work.

When doing so, take care to backup to a unixoid filesystem (ext3, reiser etc.), as FAT or NTFS do not know anything about Linux’ access rights management (←hope I put that right) or at least pack them into a .tar-File before doing so.

Nothing to be sorry for – most new users call them favorites. In my country they call them favourites. After all, it’s a real world out there and “favourites” is part of the common usage.