Homebank is out of date

Homebank’s latest version is 5.3.2 at the time of writing this, in Tumbleweed it’s still at 5.2.6, and in the Leap 15.2 pre-release it’s at 5.1.8, even Debian stable is beyond that with 5.2.2.

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Best practice: contact the maintainer and ask them to build newer packages for Leap and TW.

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Our project is a do-ocrity, we encourage folks (if they can) to branch and update packages they have interest in… :wink:

Anyway, I took the liberty of updating the package and submitting to the development repository, in time it will filter through into Tumbleweed, once accepted into Tumbleweed it should get pushed to Leap 15.2 if it’s before the package freeze.


Thank you. I can’t write code, but what you did seems to be simple enough to be done without much technical know-how. Is there some documentation explaining how to do it?

First place to start is here https://build.opensuse.org/ links to documentation at the bottom of the page. I would explore the projects first to see what is what :wink: