Home network cannot see my openSUSE laptop

Hi all,

I have a home network consisting of one Windows XP desktop, one Ubuntu desktop, and my laptop on which I have just installed openSUSE 11.2. I had a lot of trouble getting the openSUSE laptop to be able to find the other machines by hostname (IP address worked fine) but finally got it working by installing the Samba client package, and adding “wins” to my /etc/nsswitch.conf file. After doing this, my openSUSE laptop can now connect to both desktop machines by hostname.

However, neither desktop machine can see the laptop by hostname, although both can find it by IP address. For instance, from my Ubuntu desktop machine, I can ssh to the laptop by IP address but not by hostname. Is there an additional package that I need to install on openSUSE, or some additional configuration change I need to make, in order to allow the desktop machines to find the laptop by hostname? I’ve tried installing both the samba (server) package as well as the samba-winbind package, but neither had any effect.

I know that the two desktop machines are configured properly because they can both find each other by hostname, and previously when I had Kubuntu installed on my laptop both machines could find the laptop by hostname too. I also know that I could add my laptop’s hostname to the /etc/hosts file on the desktop machines, but I don’t want to take this approach since I’m using DHCP and the IP address is subject to change.

Any advice? Thanks!