home dir full KDE won't start - need help troubleshooting

I’m running 11.0 KDE 3.9. Guess I went to far and filled up my home dir too much (was going to move stuff around this morning but can’t get in).

I tried the failsafe boot but it doesn’t look to be booting either. How can I get back in? Thanks.

Boot any live cd and move some files out.

Good idea. Some stuff to complicate the situation however. This system is dual booted with Win Server 2003 (anyway to access from this?), the DVD has apparently died as neither Windows or openSUSE has detected a DVD in recent weeks (could go to Fry’s and get a new one), and last don’t have a Live CD/DVD handy would have to download and burn it in Linux which won’t start.

Is the best option to get a new DVD drive and try booting off the 11.0 DVD? Or what about Gparted? Could I expand the /home partition and shrink the /root or something?

Why not boot to init 3, mount a flash memory stick & cp files on to it from /home ? That’s what i’d do


You can make a liveCD from within windows using unetbootin. Just point it at the ISO and go.

Various distros are completely painless - I’ve had most luck with Ubuntu and Mandriva.

Any live cd (Not a install dvd) would be best.

You should be able to use windows to download and burn it - If you need a cd drive, make it a dvd/cd rw.

Andy’s plan is good. I thought of it, but decided you might not like the CLI

You’re right I would prefer to use a GUI. Wouldn’t I need a third party program to burn an ISO/Live CD-DVD image? As far as I know Windows doesn’t do that itself. I know Vista burns data dvds, but can you burn an image?

Or I can follow simple CLI. How would I boot to init3, mount the USB drive? I know cd for changing /dir, what’s the command for mounting and copying?

Ok, I logged into init3 and moved to my /home. There’s too many video files. How do I move to a dir with a space in the name, Azureus Downloads? Then what command for deleting a dir?

put quotation marks round the name i.e. “Azureus Downloads” & as for deleting rm is the command you require


Thanks a lot guys. Deleted a dir with some files and now it boot up back into KDE.

Cool,glad you got it sorted, now enjoy.If you wish to expand the partition so this doesn’t happen again,Gparted is a good tool,also,systemrescuecd is another Main Page - SystemRescueCd


p.s.Commandline isn’t so scary is it :wink:

Backslash also works.

rmdir dont\ put\ spaces\ in\ filenames && mkdir thats.better

CLI not to bad, with you guys to help :slight_smile: Will probably use Gparted to expand the partition. Thanks again.