Hogwarts legacy max map count

every time i boot my computer i have to go into /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count and edit the file and change the default from 67000 to 100000 to be able to play hogwarts legacy to prevent it from crashing BUT it reverts back every time i reboot why is this and can i or should i change it permanatly since it wont stick on reboots and if so how? thanks


man sysctl.conf
man 8 sysctl

Add ‘vm.max_map_count=100000’ to /etc/sysctl.d/10-custom.conf

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thanks that worked i appreciate the help ^^

And to enlighten yourself, please try to understand what you are doing when you edit in a “file” in /proc. You then change something inside data structure of the present running kernel. Of course that is lost at shutdown and not there on the next boot. It is not a configuration file.

Try to read on /proc and /sys.


thanks for that where would we all be without you ^^ good job :ok_hand: