Hindi fonts Firefox

I am using Opensuse 11 Gnome. recently, i upgraded to firefox 3.0.3. after that, hindi font in browser window is not rendered properly, especially on sites like Facebook etc.

what things might i check, or settings i might change to ensure that it renders hindi fonts correctly.

also i have an add-on installed called Lipikaar. Lipikaar - Express Yourself in Your Language

please help.

thanks in advance.

okay so i found out what i was doing wrong. after three trial and error re-installs and upgrades of firefox to 3.0.3 (which i earlier thought was the reason for the break in hindi font rendering), i realised that the trouble came only after i installed M$ fonts from

this was mentioned in the howtoforge tutorials (The Perfect Desktop - OpenSUSE 11 (GNOME) - Page 5 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials ).

instead of this, if you want to install M$ fonts, and not break you firefox rendering one should try running the following command (it installs the fonts, without breaking firefox’s font rendering):

wget http://download.opensuse.org/update/10.3/scripts/fetchmsttfonts.sh
chmod a+x fetchmsttfonts.sh
sudo sh fetchmsttfonts.sh

and then delete the “fetchmsttfonts.sh”, from the directory it was downloaded to, if you want.

OK, I have a similar problem. I have upgraded my excellent openSuse 10.1/KDE 3.5.7 to openSuse 10.3/KDE 3.5.10.
Among others, FF was upgraded to 3.0.3 (of course I chose to do so).
But, now, the fonts are simply awful. I do not use M$ fonts, only the Deja vu and Bitstream Vera.

The fonts are just fine for every other KDE application, but in FF I cannot even read them. I suppose that the problem is GTK related. Is it true? If so, is it possible to add antialiasing to GTK application via KDE?

SubpixelHinting - openSUSE-Community

The best tutorial for hinting I found so far. Since I faced the problem after an upgrade, I did not had to change anything in Gnome.

Now, FF3 is a much better experience.

In YaST search and install