Hide Title Bars on Applications

Is there a way in KDE to hide the “title bars” on applications like Firefox? See here, the grey bar across the top:

I’m on openSUSE Tumbleweed running up-to-date KDE Plasma 5

Of course there is, in KDE… :wink:

Just right-click on the window titlebar and go into “Custom Actions”.
Not sure if that’s how it is called for you, I’m using german here and tried to re-translate back into english… :wink:

But then, IIRC Firefox does provide an option for this too…

Thanks wolfi323

So I found in the “Special Application Settings” the ability to turn off the title bar, but unfortunately that also removes the close/minimize/maximize buttons as well - unlike in Windows where you still have those options without the title bar :\

I guess I’ll keep looking for a solution. Thanks!

If you’re talking about web browsers specifically including Firefox, are you talking about “Full Screen mode?”
To switch Full Screen Mode on and off, just press the F11 key…

Of course, that won’t necessarily map to the same effect for other applications(It’ll be in the KDE settings), you’ll have to experiment.

BTW - If you’re searching for articles related to your “Title Bar,” in the Developer world that part of the window is called “The Chrome.” Use that keyword and you’ll have better chances finding what you’re looking for.