Hibernation to disk

Hi there,
AFAIK, Leap 15.3 can’t provide hibernation to disk due to a kernel bug.
Do you know if next version 15.4 will have this feature back working?

Is there another “mechanism” that could provide the same feature, I mean start up the PC and get the Opensuse desktop as it was when switched off?

I am not very good at what is what in this area. But I have a laptop here, rather fresh 15.3 install and up-to-date. When I am in KDE and close the lid, it powers down. When I then open the lid and press the power button it starts and after I unlock the screen with my password, the KDE session is back again.

So when this is Hibernation to disk, then it works at least for me in 15.3

I don’t think this is an hibernation to disk but memories (RAM) are still with voltage with battery.
Just try to open some application without valuable data, close the lead, wait 1 minute then remove the battery pack, wait 1 minute, plug the battery back and open the lead. What happen?

Edit: Please look at Menu>System>Preference>Hardware>Power Management>On Battery Power>When laptop lead is closed:

  • Suspend = I think is what you have
  • Hibernate = is what I want. You can try it. Let me know

OK, then I am on the wrong track. I already had my doubts as I expressed in my post above.
Sorry for spoiling your time.

Do you have any evidence that proves this statement? What did you try to do, what did not work, why you think it is kernel bug?

I want to add hibernate is not working with UEFI.

But maybe there is an fix in a new kernel, this is my question as well.

It does. Hibernation is disabled when secure boot is enabled. This is not a bug, this is feature (at least as in “bug” - “does not work as intended”).

If you want hibernation, disable secure boot.

Thanks arvidjaar for this point.
I understand that this is not a bug but I’d guess as soon the kernel will allow to enable hibernation and secure boot at the same time, it will work as intended and everybody will be happy.

  • Do you think 15.4 will have this feature?
    I had reading but I am not certain; If I install with secure boot, can I disable/re-enable later it in the UEFI? or I will have to reinstall?

When the combination of hibernation and secure boot are seen as a security issue, I assume the feature it will stay as it is.

You might want to take a peek at Bug 1194433 – success with secure boot + encrypted swap partition with tpm2.0
But perhaps that requires hardware support for TPM2. That bug report is for Leap 15.4.

Interesting that it doesn’work for Leap 15.3 (works fine for TW with secure boot enabled). Incidentally, what does “sudo lsinitrd -m | grep resume” give?

Interesting that it doesn’t work for Leap 15.3 (works fine for TW with secure boot enabled). Incidentally, what does “sudo lsinitrd -m | grep resume” give?

I didn’t try hibernate on the old laptop Leap 15.3 I run at this time.

 sudo lsinitrd -m | grep resume
[sudo] password for root: 

resume in red.
Should I try to hibernate?