Here's some good news for Linux gamers.

Doom 3 source code to be open sourced by the end of the year | The Sociable

I guess it may interest some
But it doesn’t look interesting to me, pretty grim actually.

You mean the game itself?

I don’t know much about it but my impression was that they could use the code to build new games from.

I’m not really a fan of that sort of entertainment.
Good news for some Linux users though.

I see. That’s interesting.

I never played the game itself so actually I don’t know what you’re talking about with that part of it, but assumedly it’s a more sophisticated one than the last one that they released the code for because it’s newer with more advanced code, so I just assumed it was a good thing for the community because it could be used in development.

Oops. Sorry. I see I just repeated myself here and I don’t see a delete button anywhere to remove the post.

This is brilliant news imho. Not least of all because Doom 3 is a fantastic single player FPS game. We have an absolute plethora of multiplayer arena games thanks to Quake, but not many great free/Free single player games.

Hopefully this will change!

ID Software has always opened the Code-base for there old engines when they move on to the next version

Engines ID has moved to the GPL in the past

ID Tech 1 (Doom 1/2)

ID Tech 2 (Quake 2)

ID Tech 3 (Quake 3)

and Now ID Tech 4 (Doom 3 Quake 4)

I am betting as in the past the actual game content remains proprietary

any good news about linux is good news

I think it’s almost certain that only the source code of the engine will be released and not the game content.
There is a project preparing open content for when the source code will be released:
Topic - Doom3 stand alone TC base; community project • Project Showcase & Collaboration • FreeGameDev Forums - Open Source Game Development
FOSS art-base for id-tech4 games / Home / Home

I think this is good news but what I would like to see is some games like Call of Duty come to Linux and I would even be willing to pay for those games.

Me too but I don’t see that happening any time soon unfortunately :confused:

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at least we have wine :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Just to let you know, the doom 3 source code has been released: