Help with configuration of Spamassassin on Kmail

spamassassin vers. 3.4.0-44.8.1
kmail vers 4.14.9-24.2

I installed spamassassin and configured it using the kmail anti-spam wizard.

I can select emails and mark them as spam using the “Spam” button. In doing so, Kmail indicates that it is filtering the messages selected and then moves them into the trash folder. However, new emails from the same source that was marked as spam still continue to come into the inbox. Have I configured something wrong?

Not sure this is anything to do with Spamassassin. If you want to divert particular emails, right click on one and select Create Filter. You can filter on various things and then decide which folder to send them to. This is useful if you want to sort incoming emails but it also means you can send all emails of a particular type to the wastebin directly.

I’ve tried that as well.
The filter only works when you select the email and manually apply the filter.

If you right click on an email and scroll down to Apply Filter, you will find that the Spam icon which you see at the top of Kmail is an Apply Filter icon, in other words, it only applies to one email at a time. If you select Create Filter, you can create a filter which is applied to all the same type of emails every time. This icon is not part of Spamassassin which does a separate job analysing emails by Bayesian filters. However, it only works efficiently if it has enough emails to work on. My ISP is so good at filtering out spam that it rarely has to do anything and so has difficulties learning.

Good suggestion. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong with the filter process. I’ve created a number of filters to delete emails and they do not appear to work automatically. Kmail still fetches the emails from the various servers and places them in the in-box without running the filter. If I select the email and apply all filters, then the filter will work.