help with codecs

hi im a little familiar with opensuse…but when i formatted my pc after the installation of opensuse i realized i missed all the audio and video codecs…now i cant even listen to mp3s let alone watching videos…i remember there was a forum post explaining how to install all the audio and video -well mostly- codecs…could you explain how i can install audio and video codecs?

Search for “openSUSE restricted formats” with $SEARCH_ENGINE_OF_CHOICE.

And after doing what Akoellh suggests read Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Further to the multimedia link provided, in openSUSE Linux, by installing the application libffmpeg0 from Packman packagers, it will install picking up a small number of dependencies. These dependencies to libffmpeg0 will provide MANY codecs.

In addition, one can install w32codec-all from Packman packagers, and this will provide mostly the same codecs that one obtained from the libffmpeg dependencies, and also some more obscure others.

There are also other specific codecs that one can install, and a search of the Packman site can provide an idea as to what is available: PackMan :: home

Note one can tell a Packman Packaged rpm by the “pm” in the version number.