HELP to recover superblock from xfs/LUKS! ;(

I upgraded to 11.2 RC1 (made a clean install) from M8. On M8 (even updated to RC1 ) i had my LUKS encrypted xfs partition with data on it (lots of data, about 350GB of data), now 11.2 doesn’t even recognize the filesystem in it!! I can normally unlock that encrypted partition with cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc2 STUFF but after that (it should be seen as plain xfs after that rght?? at /dev/mapper/STUFF) BUT the thing is that it says that in order to mount it i need to give the filesystem so i try to mount it with:
mount -t xfs /dev/mapper/STUFF /mnt/STUFF but it still says that it’s a wrong filesystem, bad superblock :’(:’(

I tried to xfs_repair it but it looks for superblock all the time and finds nothing :’(:’(

Help would be VERY appreciated.

That’s amessage from dmesg when trying to mount it

336.970024] SGI XFS with ACLs, security attributes, realtime, large block/inode numbers, no debug enabled
336.970761] SGI XFS Quota Management subsystem
336.982509] XFS: bad magic number
336.982519] XFS: SB validate failed

Could anyone confirm that /dev/mapper/STUFF should be seen as xfs after opening with cryptsetup or is it still seen by the tools as LUKS and not as xfs?

> Could anyone confirm

not sure, but i think most folks who are ‘into’ testing use the forum for such confirmations,
discussions, questions…


Well if there is no XFS signature on /dev/mapper/stuff, you probably entered the wrong passphrase or have the wrong parameters (e.g. selected crypto algorithm in /etc/crypttab does not match what you had before)

Unfortunately i did enter the correct one, you get a message when you put a good password something like Slot X unlocked. I think i know what caused the problem, it seemed as the system “lost” the hard drive as in some kind of a failure, later i had the same thing. I reseated the cables and it helped and i didn’t encounter the problem anymore yet despite that i couldn’t recover it anymore (after unlocking with a passphrase). Thank god i had most of my data on another disk (but i still lost whole FF profile and important backups).

I was wondering if dd could recover it but as it works on a hardware level then how then could i recover the data?

That is why I asked. If you entered it correctly, then a hexdump on the unlocked device (/dev/mapper/…) will have a typical XFSB signature at the start. If that is the case, one can go and diagnose what’s up. fsck and so, that is.

i can confirm the error. same happened to me with ext3 filesystem. now all my music is gone :frowning: :’(

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jengelh could you solve this and can you tell me hwo you did it?