help pls

i have a 2 OS.
2-suse 11
so i want to play games(ex.counter strike) in linux suse. its posible?
i try with wine but don’t work :S
It say “Could not find filesystem dll to load”(when i click duble)
when i type in Konsole wine /root/Desktop/hl.exe
its say “wine: could not load L"C:\windows\system32\hl.exe”: Module not found"

i try with other windows programs(ex.Skype) it wokrs :S

i want to use linux but i can’t play my favorite games :S
help :slight_smile:

> (ex.counter strike) in linux suse. its posible?

maybe someone at Wine HQ has already answered your question and solved
your problem…while waiting for help here you might uncover an
answer/fix at the HQ if you do a little digging there, see

have fun,

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Did you install the game or just copy the folder from Windows? Could be you need to do an install.

Also I’m not sure if that is a registry entry that is being referred to (the load comment quoted)… but with Linux the \ should be a / (e.g. C:/windows/system32/hl.exe)

Also it’s better/recommended to run Wine apps from the emulated C: drive that you can find in your home folder (default = ~/.wine/drive_c)
If needed copy the files & try running it from there:
wine ‘c:/<your halflife folder>/hl.exe’

Hope that helps,

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here but I’m guessing he installed the program as root, thus the /root/Desktop/hl.exe and is trying to run it as a user. If he installed the files to /root/.wine/drive_c/…, but is trying to run it as a user,
it would definitely complain about not finding the app. It’d be looking in /home/username/.wine/drive_c/… where it’s actually in /root/.wine/drive_c/…

Just a guess.
Check and see if you DID install too /root/.wine or /home/your_user_name/.wine
If it’s in /root that’s your (1st) problem (you may run into more with WINE)

Hope this helps!

Good catch! Might well be the issue.