Help Please with KOrganizer.

Contrary to what my tag states I am clearly not a “wise penguin” as I cannot find out how to integrate KOrganizer with Google Calendar.

The used to be possible very easily from the configuration screen of KOrganizer but now Google Calendar is no longer shown for selection in Add Calendars tab.

I have asked this question previously and nobody has yet come to my aid.
Please could somebody help.

And what version of KOrganizer are you using?

Leap 42.2 comes with KDEPIM 4.x and 5.x, but only 5.x is built with Google support (because the version of libkgapi, the library to access Google’s API, in 42.2 is Qt5/KF5 based).
That may very well be your problem, you should install kdepim5/korganizer5 if you want to use Google Calendar…

Although, according to some comment in some other, old, thread, it might be able to use it via caldav too:

Other than that, I am not using Google (and never did), so I cannot really help you with that.

Hi wolfi323,
Many thanks for the info. Will do as you suggest. Google not my choice but I am having to fit in with the crowd on this occasion.
You may not use Google but I see you have been active on a related thread in KDE forum. Sadly I didn’t get any help there at all!
Will let you know how I get on.
Many thanks once more.

Hi Wolfi323,
You are right it seems I have KDEPIM4 installed.
If I am to install KDEPIM5 should I first uninstall version 4 or should I just upgrade to 42.3?
Grateful for further guidance please.

Pending an answer to my question I have been looking further into organizers and conclude that Google Calendar is probably not for me. I want to enter repeating tasks and even though this has been requested by GCal users as far back as 2014. My trouble is finding an application that all (non-linux users) can use. Lightning perhaps?

I didn’t get an answer to my question about uninstalling KDEPIM4 before installing KDEPIM5 so went ahead and good old Yast system sorted it out after a fashion by uninstalling the conflicting items before doing the install. I am now able to import Google Calendar but all is not well and a bit out of my depth here trying to understand how calendars work.

My strategy had been to create recurring tasks on KOrganiser, which it does quite well, but it seems having Google Calendar imported, (which does not offer this functionality,) also prevents KOrganiszer from doing recurring tasks.

My problem is achieving “effortless” sharing amongst various people who each seem to use a different device/OS, ie Apple, Windoze, Android and of course Linux. My fallback plan is to set up a groupware server so all can use web access to the calendar but I haven’t a clue how to set this up and whilst KOrganizer can export the calendar in a standard calendar format I wonder why it is that Google fails and will I have the same problem with trying to share on groupware server.

Finally, although I believed yast sorted out the KDEPIM4/5 issue I now have a permanent Error — Plasma warning appearing and reappearing when I click OK:-

 Unable to run the command specified. The file or folder /usr/share/applications/kde4/korganizer.desktop does not exist.

Any and all assistance gratefully received.

You need to change the menu entry to point it to it’s new location,

No need to upgrade to Leap 42.3 – I was happily running the “kontact5” (version 16.08) package on Leap 42.2 for quite a few months – before I upgraded to Leap 42.3. I can’t remember if, the package dependencies removed the KDE4 version of Kontact or not; if by installing Kontact5 the KDE4 components remain, you’ll have to remove them manually.

Be aware that, when first starting Kontact5, your KDE4 Kontact data (e-Mail, Calendar, To-Do list, Journal, . . . ), will be migrated to the KDE Plasma 5 locations: ‘~/.local/share/’ and ‘~/.config/’. You’ll need to check in ‘~/.kde4/share/apps/’ and ‘~/.kde4/share/config/’ for things which the migration routines left behind and, perform any housekeeping needed manually.

The KDE instructions on how to add Calendar resources such as the ones provided by Google are here: <>.

And no, I personally, despite having recently purchased an Android “smart” mobile telephone, do not have any experience with the Google Calendar service – and, I am not planning to have my personal calendar on the telephone.

Easier written than done. Please could you give me more info on how I should do this. When I look at the menu item in Edit Applications there is no obvious path to an executable I can edit.

Hi and thanks for the reply. As I explained above dependencies seem to have been sorted out in that KOrganizer now runs and the Google import works but I am totally lost with the house keeping. I am hoping somebody will give me a blow by blow how to in due course.

BTW, the calender to be shared is not private but a low level organisation and management calendar and most staff prefer to use their phones for everything, even if I do not.

I must admit, the post migration housekeeping ain’t easy but, it basically revolves around checking through the ~/.kde4/share/apps/ and ~/.kde4/share/config/ directories for files which are obviously not being used by Plasma 5 Kontact.