help or tutorial on setting up ssh please

I need to set up ssh on my Linux computer such that I can remote login from my Windows laptop, preferably via Putty. I can’t seem to find any tutorials to explain the steps.

  1. Can someone please point me to a tutorial?
  2. Can someone please outline steps?
    A) Download openssh
    B) verify it works – ssh localhost on Linux machine (correct?)
    C) Do I need to set up hosts.allow and hosts.deny files? What should they say?
    D) Do I need to set up portforwarding in my router?

Thanks very much!

Not needed! It is already there

service sshd status

You don’t have to but you could.

man 5 hosts_access

If so, you wouldn’t ask. So the answer would normally be NO.

Back in the 1990s, I would download the openssh sources, and compile them. That was at a time when there were serious restrictions on export of encryption.

Those days are long since gone.

With a new opensuse install:

1: make sure that sshd is started in run level services;
2: make sure that port 22 is allowed through the firewall;
3: setup port forwarding in my router.

I don’t normally have to do (3), because I set that up long ago. If I replace the router, then I must redo that. If you only want ssh access from the home LAN, then (3) is not needed at all.

Thanks very much!