help me with sharing internet connection

I’m new new to linux . I need your help !! I read many howto-s and other links but I couldn’t setup a proper connection . my computer connects to the Internet directly through the device named eth0 ( DSL PPPoE ) I’m using Kinternet to connect and disconnect my Internet connection . My sister has Windows Vista, and I want to setup a wireless connection ( in vista and 7 I could easily setup an ad-hoc connection ) so I can share the Internet with her computer . I’m using openSUSE 11.2 . I’m not sure but I think the driver for wlan card is properly installed . The card is a D-Link DWA-520 and madwifi drivers were installed with openSUSE

So correct me if I’m wrong. You connect to your router via a cable and at the same time your sister connects via wireless to the same router. You would like to connect wireless to your sister computer? why not directly to your router. if you don’t have a router than how your sister connects to the DSL modem? Does the modem provides a wireless connection? you share the connection as it is you connecting directly and she’s connecting via wireless.
did I miss something? I/we can try to help you but first i need to understand what you want.

I don’t have a router, it’s an ADSL modem with only one port

DSL modem ---- my computer —(ad-hoc)— Mys sister’s computer

Then I misunderstood your post. However I’ve read recently a post where this can be done if one of the server is setup in a specific way and the other one will let it share the connection. So your computer for example will have to be configured to connect to your sister’ computer and this one should have the firewall open to allow the connection to it, but unfortunately i cannot tell you what to do. Maybe you can find something on swerdna’s site at cannot recall. Try his site and see if there is something like that.
Good luck

Actually it’s Welcome to Swerdna’s Linux Blog: Swerdna • Org. then just click on openSUSE link at the top and then scroll down to the servers & clients section and it’s listed under ICS - IP Maquerading. His site is very informative. I followed it to get my ICS working also. Very much the same setup as yours. It’s actually rather easy, although it’s easier if you at least understand a little more about networking and ip addresses.