Help installing puddletag from git

I used to have puddletag installed, I think from Packman repo. That version is long superseded but I can get the latest tar file from github but …

I assumed there would be instructions to build from the tar.gz file but no such instructions and there is no built package that I can find for Leap 15.4.
Please could I have some help to get Puddletag up and running again?

Up to date Puddletag is available in the Multimedia repo:

Once again: brilliant and many thanks.

So I have Puddletag again and have opened the required radio programme directory. My problem is that the downloads have been collected over years and have been tagged by various different systems. As a result some of the file “Title” tags have in some cases been combined with parts of the track “Filename.”

With Hui’s help I have now corrected all the Filenames and have to tidy up the file Titles. Here is a screenshot of the Puddletag screen with a few files shown:-

No they are not! I cannot get openSUSE Paste to work. No switch to select image? Will keep trying.

You have to uncheck “private” at the bottom of the window…

And you don’t need susepaste if you want to share a picture/image. Use the “Upload” button (like a landscape pictogram) in the forum post editor.

I thought I had done that. Will try again:-

If this works you can see that some titles are just the simple text and some have "IOT: " in front and a date after. These are the information I want to erase so the titles are just the simple text which will be shown in the control point.
Puddletag has tools including the replace tool and I could probably make it work to delete the preface IOT: but I have no idea how to erase the trailing date because the text I wish to retain has different lengths for each file.
This is the problem I am struggling with.

Using the tools in Puddletag for some of the work I was able to complete the rest of the task by hand so I am content for now.
Many thanks again.