Help installing boost libraries

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble using the boost libraries to compile a program on my Leap 15.1 machine. I have checked the main repository and found several libboost libraries but no boost-devel or boost-base available, as I would expect. I checked on and found that there is indeed an official boost-base official release for Leap 15.1, only available as a src.rpm (probably why I didn’t find it when run zypper se). If I understand well this is a source code package and would have to be compiled first, right? How would I install this package? Can I access it from zypper somehow?

N. B. I am actually not very experienced with compiling software and whenever I had to do it, it was quite straightforward. This case is giving me some trouble so, any help would be greatly appreciated.

The openSUSE versions of boost libraries are split out, there is no one ‘boost-devel’ depending on which ones are required from the application your trying to compile (which is?) it should be fairly easy to determine which ones are needed…

The following command will show them all…

zypper se libboost*devel

Thanks for your answer.
The program I was trying to compile is a chemoinformatics toolkit named RDKit (Installation — The RDKit 2023.09.5 documentation).

I already got through with the compilation. I just had to install a couple of libboost devel packages such as libboost_headers1_66_0-devel and libboost_mpi_python-py3-1_66_0-devel for the Python serialization libraries. Thanks for pointing out the devel packages.

Now I have another problem related to importing the RDKit’s libraries in Python. I think I didn’t setup some variables correctly before the compilation. But I guess that’s a topic for another thread.

Thanks for the feedback!