Help how to build kiwi locally

dears this the first time to use opensuse so sorry for disturb
firstly i need to build kiwi locally image
i am using openSUSE-Leap-42.3
i nstalled all kiwi packge by this command
zypper install kiwi
look this screenshot
then i wanna to prepare this image
using this comand
kiwi --prepare /home/ --root /home/
here its not completed somting wrong but i dont know whats
look at second screen

i need any one help me to bulid this image

any help ??

You shouldn’t make /home your working directory.

Make a new directory, although you don’t have to my personal recommendation is to create a subdirectory to Documents so it’s easy to find.

Although you can pass parameters at the command line,
It might be better to configure all your settings in a config.xml which when fully built should do everything for you, prepare and build.


kindly check

Your command should not be pointing to an existing directory to be used as your working directory.
First, you were pointing to your /home (Please don’t do this!)
Now, you’re pointing to your root home directory (Again. Please don’t do this).

Anytime you build anything, you should always create a <new> directory so your project will “live” in its own unique location, not to be disturbed by anything else on your system and not to disturb anything else on your system.

If you don’t understand what I just stated… PLEASE ask for clarification, it’s one of those fundamental things you have to understand before embarking on anything like Kiwi or software development.

First step should be to create a directory, and as long as you know where it is and it’s brand new the location can be almost anywhere.
If you run the following command as your regular User (not elevated by sudo or su), it will create a subdirectory of your Documents folder called “MyProject” After running the following, I’d recommend if necessary using PCManFM or Dolphin or whatever your graphical file manager might be to open this location so you understand what was just done and where the location is.

mkdir ~/Documents/MyProject

After the above, your “prepare” statement should be something like the following, substituting your own User account for “User”

kiwi --prepare <source> root=/home/User/MyProject

Next step is to configure a source for the image you’re creating, and so far you haven’t described what you’re using for your source. You can use the available Kiwi template images (my general recommendation). Or, you can mount an ISO on a loop. Or, you can point to an existing system (eg if you’ve built a working example of what you want to replicate) but I’d recommend you not try this until you’ve gotten the basics down first with something simpler (like a template).

The following SUSE documentation describes step by step a couple ways of mounting an ISO to a loop device (for a local repository) and importing a set of templates(The following describes coping an entire file tree of templates to an easy to use location, but other ways are possible, too)

A couple more online references that might be useful

Kiwi system prepare

I’ve strongly recommended using a config.xml file instead of running “kiwi --prepare” and “kiwi --create” commands. Using a config.xml file forces you to configure all that’s necessary in a file which should also hopefully make it easier to understand what you’re configuring



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