Help getting dual boot back.

I need to be able to boot WinXP so I can run some apps such as 3D CAD programs like Archicad and Revit. So far as I know these will not run in Wine or any virtual machines available to suse; for sure they didn’t work in VirtualBox. If anyone knows better, please do tell.

Problem was, my old WinXP install was badly corrupted, although it did dual boot. So, I decided to do what every Windoze user does regularly, do a clean install. When I tried this I of course selected to reformat C:\ and install fresh there. After doing this and installing the install files the win installer reboots and runs off the files it installed on the hd to finish the installation. Problem was, when it got to that point in wouldn’t work at all. I also couldn’t get suse to boot, and found all my partitions apparently messed up.

Not to worry; I put the 11.2 DVD in and did a repair install and this got my system back up and running as it was.

I still have an NTFS part as the first part of hdd0, mounted as windows in suse with 640MB used, so I should be able to do a clean install of Winblows if I knew what to do. Can anyone help me out with this?

A word to the wise: I did stumble around for a couple hours because everytime it tried to boot up it hung up in rl3. After several frustrating retries I read the messages more carefully and found it was trying to fsck a partition that no longer existed. I had previously deleted the swap, root and home parts of hdd0 where my original linux install had been (now on a new 1TB drive) and partitioned them as one ext4 part for data storage. Boot process kept trying to check one of these and wouldn’t go past that. Finally booted from DVD and mounted root partition and opened fstab and sure enough, there was the nonexistant partition. Deleted it and checked all the other entries and booted no problem. Moral: when you make changes to your partitions, check fstab to be sure everything is correct and edit by hand if necessary.

Re-Install Grub Quickly with Parted Magic

However, I used the new version the other day and it spat dummy, so I pulled out an older copy.
Any live cd will do. All you need is to get to a root terminal, in a suse live cd, just type su and hit enter twice

I followed Swerdna’s instructions for fixing suse/windows dual boot and got grub fixed. When I tried selecting windows on the boot menu the XP install started running and finished normally, so now I have my dual boot working. Thanks for the help

Yes, that’s a great guide by swerdna
Good news!

After getting dual boot working and spending time doing some of the basic things you have to do to make Windblows really work, and their are a lot of them, I installed my main CAD program and it did the same thing it did in VirtualBox. Oops!

I then upgraded to a later version in VB and everything worked! Whoohoo! This is great because I have become spoiled using VB to run Win apps in linux and being to go back and forth seamlessly. It’s really great. Booting into Windoze you have to reboot to get back to my familiar desktop. This is really a pain, particularly I do not allow Windows, boot or VB, any external access. That’s no problem now, as I have Firefox open in Suse and can go from my app in VB to the internet and back again just like you would go from an OpenOffice window to Firefox in linux.

Drat! Wasted all that time getting that dual boot working and now don’t need it.