Help - Fresh Install *Urgent*

this image has not been resized. I can’t read anything. At all. Someone saying “Open a terminal and tell me what it says” is not going to help because I cant read the terminal, and I cant read the configuration to change the terminal font size.

Video card is Nvidia 260 if that even makes a difference, changing the “Appearance” font size settings Setting all to fontsize “22” dosent change my Taskbar I can’t read anything… this is a DEFAULT install… everything was set to Automatic, everything is default - I’ll be patiently stalking this thread untill I can read my task bar… at least.

P.S. Oh and the reason I can still read firefox is because I CTRL+Mousescrolled to Maxzoom.

also a note, changing the font DPI makes little to no difference.

Thanks for all the help guys I’m going to migrate back to Ubuntu.

Patience is a virtue.

Did you try running qtconfig?

Yes I did unfortunately it was impossible to read as you can see from the screenshot above.

Try (I think…) second tab, third box down.

exo232 wrote:
> Thanks for all the help guys I’m going to migrate back to Ubuntu.



I had that same problem when I tried to run KDE4 on my media center with 50 inch LCD TV at 1024x768. I could not find any way to adjust the font globally at time with KDE 4.1 so I ended up switching to GNOME. Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the font size globally across all KDE4 apps, popups, menu etc?

I know you can use <crtl + shift> ++ to increase the font size in the terminal and some apps but I could never find an option to increase the font across KDE as a whole.


You can change the settings with configure-desktop (systemsettings) the spanner/hammer icon should see it in kicker
There is a screen icon under computer admin


exo232 wrote:

> [image:]

Wow! Really small :open_mouth:

I guess you are using “nv” driver as it is a default install…

Have you tried to install the nvidia driver from opensuse repo and see if
after that your fonts come back to life? :slight_smile:

Unless your tty fonts are as smaller as the ones you get within a graphical
session, you can switch to tty1 and work from there. openSUSE’s yast in
ncurses is really easy and intuitive.