Help fot baloo_file_extractor

etch time login opensuse, start process “baloo_file_extractor” and usage my cpu
i end process but again restart system and starting process “baloo_file_extractor”
Why starting process “baloo_file_extractor” ?
how to fix ?

That’s KDE’s file indexer trying to index the files in your home directory.

how to fix ?

Wait until it is finished (and DON’T kill it! :wink: ).

Or, you can disable it or configure which directories it should (not) index in systemsettings5->Search->File Search.

Thanks You
where is create index directory?


But that should get deleted automatically if you disable indexing, if that’s why you ask.

Thanks for answer

What do you mean?

Well, why did you ask where the index is located?

If you want to delete it to gain space, that’s not necessary. Just disable baloo and the index will get deleted anyway.

Sorry, Just to know more:cool: