Help,boot loop!


I downloaded OpenSUSE Iso a while ago and today I thought it would be possible to launch it inside windows from the image,I was just checking the menus in the installer,I left to get some water and when I got back i found that my friend “installed something” and it asked for a reboot

he did it and now im stuck with this screen
as soon as I turn on my laptop
it says “booting Opensuse11.2 installer”
and I choose display settings

after that whatever I do I can’t see any exit or abort installation option,I restart my pc,same thing happened,I used Win7 disc to try and repair the boot
nothing happened,it keeps running this installer over and over,it was run from an image I do not even have my disc,I try to locate it on my HDD (the iso) it keeps telling me it’s wrong path

well,I wanna boot into my windows 7 please help?!

I am new to this so go easy on me,I wanna go back to windows 7 and then burn opensuse and install it

please tell me how to remove that “installer” thing

and please tell me,whether installing opensuse will effect my windows 7 and any of my files?

thank you

I need this help ASAP

  1. you can not install Suse inside Windows!!!

  2. AFAIK the system is borked. It may be possible to recover your data by booting from a CD distro. But Windows must be reinstalled.

oh thanks

that means I lost all my data
and I have to get an opensuse DVD?

aww :frowning:

No a bootable CD can be any Linux flavor NOT a DVD. Then you may be able to recover your data by copying to a USB or other external device, if you can get the partitions to mount.

What lead you to believe you could install Suse Linux into Windows??

I see so any linux would do.

well,I was reading some forums and stuff but I wasn’t sure it could happen
so I though of choosing another partition but you know it won’t give me a chance now that the blue installed boots even before windows,although my windows didn’t get damaged according to repair through CD

I can put the repair CD for windows 7 and it’s still there and detectable, but can’t access it coz I can’t “exit or end” the linux installer that’s y i called it a loop

If you have a Windows disk you can try a repair of the MBR. But in this case I’m not sure it will work.

If anyone else has a better solution jump in…


whatever happened first of all you should boot your PC with a life CD. I would recommend you Knoppix which you can download here

KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD

since it almost works with every hardware and mounts all found partitions automatically. Be sure to get an english version or it will start in germane. :wink:

With that system have a look which partitons still exist and if they are readable. Also you should save your data first using that system. After you backed up all your data launch the windows recovery console and type:

bootrec.exe /FixMbr

and if that not fixes the problem

bootrec.exe /FixBoot

That should repair the master boot record and the boot sector of the windows7 start partition. If this doesn’t help I think you have to reinstall Windows7. For not drive you crazy I would recommend you to clean the hdd first with gparted which you can download as a life CD here:

GParted – Download (huh, they redesinged their page)

Linux fdisk is much better than microsofts version. So you can get rid of damaged partitions much easier. To tell you the truth with the ms-tools you just can’t. :wink: