Hello guys I have a question about DirectX using PlayOnLinux/Wine

I use PlayOnLinux and Wine for my limited gaming needs as they were and was wondering is there is a way to aquire an install of directX 10 or even 11? I have a Dragon Age Oigins/Awaking disk set and at some point during a previous install it prompted to install DirectX 11 and I did, and other games like Second Life played WAY better and looked better than what comes with Wine (DirectX 9) I am aware that 9 is free now, i just wonder if there is a way to get it without using my Dragon Age disk, because I can’t do it again for some reason. At the time I unmounted the Awakening disk and mounted again, and opened my disk drive and closed it, I guess I just got lucky I’m not sure exactly how it read the disk then and won’t do it now far enough to get to the DirectX 11 setup. Do you have to pay for 10 and 11? I get my PhsX the same way and it works fine. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.


if you already have dragon age(or w/e game) installed to a drive you can open playonlinux and click the icon for the game drive> click configure>install components> d3dx10-d3dx11.
once you have them installed click wine tab near install components and click windows reboot this should work in theory but not sure how well on older wine installs.