Headphone Jack won't work without ac adapter

This minor annoyance is specific to my hardware, that the headphone jack won’t work without ac adapter on this laptop (will work under a special case)*

*It works if something is playing and I disconnect it, and don’t stop playback at all without the adapter, and plug it back in.
Basically it stops when no ac adapter + nothing playing, then it stops working unless I do the following:

Suspend the laptop, Plug in the ac adapter, switch it on, wait for ~5 seconds, plug in the jack

Also popping sounds can be heard on connecting the jack.

I want to figure out if I can work around this by disabling some power saving setting, or do I need to get it replaced.
There are no settings for sound card power management to be found in yast sound module.

I’ve never heard of this kind of quirky behaviour before. Laptop model?

It’s a Dell inspiron 5567 7th gen i5 model with amd graphics

This problem started happening after getting the motherboard replaced due to mistake of a technician who plugged in the ram while it was running :frowning:

Maybe some power saving mode in the BIOS/UEFI???

I coudn’t find such a setting in the bios.

I found a workaround,
In /etc/default/tlp, changing:




did the trick. It now works on ac.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks for the update. It may be helpful to others who come searching. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I would not have guessed this as a solution. I have read of “SOUND_POWER_SAVE_ON_BAT=0” being used as a fix to address a problem where Speakers pop when starting audio system

One possible side effect of this may be that on a laptop with battery this may drain the battery a bit faster.

Yes, although I’m aware of TLP and what a useful utility it is, I didn’t realise it is installed by default in Tumbleweed. I know some users manually install it in other portable desktop environments though.

More info here…