Hello all, I just tested out my HDMI port with my tv today and sadly I didn’t get any success (by that I mean I wasn’t able to bring my desktop up on my tv) kde detected the additional output but all’s I got. I have an ATI card using the opensource driver (1.3.0) and I would like to continue using this driver…is there a HOWTO or anything I should know? Because I feel like there’s something relatively simple that I’ve missed. Thank you.

This command will summarise the display ports and modes available


and /var/log/Xorg.0.log will contain info about what was detected by Xorg.

You may find the proprietary driver better supports your hardware though.

The main problem seemed to be that I wasn’t able to configure the Multiple Monitors settings “it appears that I do not have this configuration” I don’t actually have the cable with me I’m going to try and get it tomorrow and play around with the settings and see if I’m able to get it up and running

Alright I’ve come a step further (turns out I just had to reboot :P) but now the problem is upon reboot grub loads up and my desktop is now present on my tv screen…untill I choose to boot into either my desktop or failsafe kernel, then I loose the signal…any suggestions on this I have choosen the lowest possible size and set the refresh to auto, and positioned HDMI-0 as a clone…what else should I be looking at? Thanks