HDMI Audio broken On Nvidia GPU

I recently purchased a new system build with a Asus TUF Gaming Z790 Plus Wifi motherboard/ Core I7-13700k CPU/ 32gb Corsair platinum DDR5 6200mhz ram / Gigabyte Geforce RTX 4080 OC Graphics. On my old 1070TI I never had an issue with HDMI audio, but on this one Ive been having a lot of issues. It appears HDMI2 audio is the one plugged in but I get no sound from it no matter whats playing.

So I found in the Nvidia control panel that the driver is using the wrong device, instead of my TV its using my HP monitor (that doesnt even have speakers) not sure how to fix this.

What audio sinks are reported by the following command?

wpctl status 

Also, can you provide the NVIDIA graphics driver version (just in case that is relevant here)?

inxi -Ga