HD 4250?

Ok, i got laptop with HD 4250. I have used Ubuntu, and im just using it. But i tried openSuse KDE live in my laptop and i loved it… I want install it to my computer. But im bit confused about my graphics card. I want play some games like UrbanTerror (Linux Game) and it works maybe about 20-40 fps in Ubuntu with open source drivers, but there is that handy tool in Ubuntu so i can get easily restricted drivers, and with restricted drivers i can get 125 fps which is max in that game because of FPS limiter. But what about SUSE? Does it have already an good driver for gaming so i can get high fps like in Ubuntu with restricted drivers? If no, how i can get restricted drivers to SUSE? Im new in SUSE, so i dont know anything of it, but i liked it in Live CD.

You can follow this method to install the latest ATI proprietary driver:
Upgrading ATI driver with atiupgrade
Assuming your card is supported (I believe so).

Thanks, must try when i install this. Suse is looking so nice, and not laggy like Ubuntu 11.04 (Maybe my graphics card is problem for it, 10.04 and 10.10 has always worked good for me, and thats why im switching to Suse)

BTW, does deb packages work in SUSE? If no, well, it doesn’t matter. =)

No… meaning it is safer - and easier - to say no. But you should find most programs as rpm packages for openSUSE.

Ok. I have one question. In setup, is there an button which automaticly erases my hard drive and then installs OpenSUSE, because install videos it shows suggested partitioning, so does it suggest formatting hard drive and then installing SUSE to it, because i want format my hard drive and put SUSE there, so is it hard to set partitioning to EMPTY HARD DISK and INSTALL openSUSE?