Having Trouble Installing Some Applications On A Fresh Install...


Used L.T.S. Kubuntu for many years.
Today I installed openSUSE Tumbleweed 64Bit K.D.E. on my main desktop.

I am having some problems installing some of my required applications:

  • ATOM editor - won’t install(internal error)?
  • Microsoft Skype - won’t install(internal error)?
  • Google Chrome - won’t install(internal error)?
  • BleachBit - Tumbleweed support missing?

One other thing:

  • How to change computer name in console?

Let me know, thanks!


Until bleachbit is python3 ready it won’t be submitted to Tumbleweed. For the others how are you installing, can you post the errors seen with code tags.

Hostname is set via yast (ncurses) or YaST GUI under network settings.

Ok, fixed it:

I was opening the RPM’s in K.D.E.'s Discover(default).
Opened the RPM’s in YaST Software and they installed…




you can use the


for renaming the hostname.

hostnamectl set-hostname foobar

If you’re using bash as the log-in shell

exec bash

Will set the hostname to foobar.