Have sound in browser and audio player but not in Skype or other chat apps

This is the first time I have installed openSuse, 12.2 x64 and I love it but as all newbies, I have some issues making the mic and audio playback work in apps like Skype, the sound works fine on youtube or amarok.

I installed Skype but I have no mic and no audio playback, when I try to call a contact it says there is some issue with sound playback. I also tried and selected all the entries in Sound device in the Options panel of Skype but none of those work.

I have a Asus M4A78LT-M motherboard wich seems to have no drivers for linux on their drivers page here ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS M4A78LT-M

If I go intro Yast > Hardware > Sound I have listed there one entry - “SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA)”


Amarok, so I assume you run KDE. Take a look in Systemsettings - Multimedia, check the sound settings.
In Skype too, check the sound settings, try messing around a bit with the settings.

Yes, KDE
In Multimedia I have at Phonon > and in all section I have a device (i think) Internal Audio Analog Stereo wich works if I click Test.

I tried all options in Skype, none of them works, should I need to reboot and try again ? I didn’t reboot after I installed Skype ?

Clicking Test does only test the selected device. You may need to change the device preferences.

Can you give me a link to a page describing how to do that and what to configure ? Thank You !

Your best shot are these forums, search for skype sound. Also, you can install pavucontrol from the Packman repo, it allows you to set all kind of sound settings.

Have a look over this to see if there is anything helpful
SDB:Skype - openSUSE

  • I would imagine you will be able to get things going if you have a play around with pavucontrol though.

I think I’ve managed to get skype working by installing and playing with pavucontrol but now I noticed that I don’t have system sound anymore, I can hear a slight popping sound but no system sound like new email, or window error.

Nevermind, I got it working, in the Pulse Audio Volume Manager system sounds were muted.