Have I been attacked?

Just been trying to sort out failed sound on laptop. Working one day and not the next. Only changes that I know of were two automatic security updates. When I went to console I saw the prompt budgie2@linux-chog. Now I have never entered chog anywhere that I recall. So where does it come from please?

A randomly generated machine name starting linux- is assigned during installation. You probably weren’t paying attention when it gave you the chance to change it to something more meaningful to you.

I think you’ll find that it’s actually ch0g (a zero, not an O), It’s just a randomly created hostname for the computer created at install time.

You can change it in the Yast control panel if you don’t like it.

And don’t panic so much, it’s Linux, not Windows :D.

Hi and thanks for the assurances. I have checked and it is chog not ch0g but not being too religious I am not bothered now I know it was not the work an intruder.