Hauppage WinTV HVR-1200

Hallo all,

I have a problem with my TV card. There is no driver available in the yast for it. What I read from other forums is, that there will be a driver from kernel ver. 2.26. (I am using now a ver. 2.25.18. Is there anyway a possibility with this tv card? I think some of the people should have a problem with this card. It is released from Hauppage as an OEM card (I found it in my HP-PC m9090). Also in Dell machines it is inside.
Has anybody an idea how it can be driven?

Regards Andreas

My research suggested the same:
Linux 2 6 26 - Linux Kernel Newbies
i.e. you need a 2.6.26 or newer kernel.

openSUSE-11.1 is due for release on 18-Dec-2008, and it will have the 2.6.27 kernel, so you could try that release.

openSUSE-11.1 also promises to be a good release, with the option of running gnome, kde4.1.2, or under “other” you can select the tried and proven KDE-3.5.10.

Thanks for that info, I expected that. So let’s wait until Christmas…