Haupauge 2250

I have everything in 11.2 working awesome and loving this experience just wish I could get this card to work.

I added the repository but it gives me an error saying there is no checksum and no certificate?

Can I say ignore this and install the repository so I can get at the opensource drivers? Its the only thing I am lacking in getting done.

Am I making sense?

Can you post the url, wrap it in code

Youshould be OK, but better just see

They are doing some work on the servers today BTW


This is the only place I know making one unless someone knows a better source?

You can’t add that, it’s not a repository anyway.

You will need to download the drivers/firmware from here: Index of /downloads

Your card is not listed here:
HCL/TV Cards - openSUSE
But what is listed may help you