Has anyone installed LEAP on the new 4th gen Lenovo X1 Carbon?

I’m thinking of buying this laptop but know that sometimes laptops can have issues with Linux distros. Are there any modules, steps or corrugations that are needed to make openSUSE LEAP work with the new X1 carbon?

OK that one only has Intel graphics so does not of the potential problem of Optimus

I think maybe that is a skylake processor if so you will need 4.3 or higher kernel to fully support it. I admit I’m confused which Intel processors are skylake and which are not.

How would I get/make an install USB (with the iso) of openSUSE LEAP with kernel 4.3+?


Leap install comes with 4.2.x

In any case you should be able to install it is just that things won’t work well until you install a newer kernel

During install you can add “Additional media” (??). Check it, keep this URL http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/Kernel:/stable/standard/ on paper and add it as repo. Trust the key when prompted for and the installer should use the kernel from that repo. You can check/change this is the Overview just before the actual install begins, by entering the software selection, Details.

Thank you! I’ve also read that people have had two issues when installing on this laptop:

  1. The installer wouldn’t boot without intel_pstate=no_hwp passed as a kernel parameter
  2. The wifi won’t work at all (until updates are applied, but it requires an ethernet connection to do so)

#2 seems to indicate that there could be an issue with your suggested install-time solution to updating the kernel as well, unless I have an ethernet adapter. Is there no way to create an installer that has the latest updates and that new kernel?

Suse studio build any install you can dream of


I tried using it but cannot figure out how to put a newer kernel on LEAP for a new build. It only has the older kernels. How would I go about getting the right rpms for this and adding them to a build?