Hardware/software ...?

Please some one be so kind to help me.
The Question is where should I open new thread for hardware/software



I’m not sure, it’s not clear from your message what the issue is.

If you could briefly describe what’s happening, we could suggest where you should post.

Hardware 1) sound card (audigy 1).
The sofware I can get from Web .
Hardware 2) Graphic card Nvidia 7100GS.
The software I can get from the Webso I can conf. 2 monitors.
The one thing is I can`t install the software in suse 11.1 it is different then win xp.

Tnx you be so kind to help me out.
P.S I`ll be back. I have to setup my new suse11.1 See you later.


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Thank you for the hardware tips my dual monitor is working perfect
Tnx again