Hard drive preparation for Dell xps m1330?

I installed openSUSE 11.1 to my xps and everything worked very fine it seems (till now just have some problems with
the sound). Anyhow, I didn’t expect I did something harmful to my computer, but then i found this link:

Dell XPS M1330 [Linux Laptop Wiki]

And what makes me worry a bit is

CAUTION: THE HARD DRIVE NEED TO BE CONFIGURED FOR INCRESS THEIR UTIL LIFE… see smartmoontools, load cycle count, before install linux on laptops.

What does it mean? What should i do or have done?
I hope someone can solve my confusion, thanks already in advance.

It mans that there could be a problem with the hdd failing. Look at this:
Seagate releases fixed firmware fix for Barracuda 7200.11s - The Tech Report
Seems seagate have had a problem. If the drive is going to pack up, it’s as likely running xp as linux, so I wouldn’t say it’s a linux issue.

I have an xps1330 along with a couple of other guys at work.

They are all Samsung drives.

PS - Been running openSUSE for over a year on my xps1330 with no problems at all (uninstalled vista the same day I got it).

I guess, this is about hard drive constant loading/unloading problem.

This bug WAS present, whet I installed openSUSE 11.1 on my laptop.
And I had to fix.

I’d advise to make sure your hard disk is not affected by this problem.
I noticed it in my system, when repeating hard drive clicking sound
began irritating me.

For more info you may see this:
Problem with hard drive clicking - ThinkWiki