hangs up after x display start

Hi Community,

I got a problem with a rather fresh openSUSE 13.2 installation on a SSD of a Lenovo desktop PC. The start up doesn’t continue after reaching the x display initialisation (see screenshot)

If I boot in safe mode, the system starts into command line mode. Calling YaST from the prompt results in:

During start into safe mode I receive a lot of **[Failed] **messages.
After all it seems to be a problem with the SSD or file system. Can anyone please help fixing?

Please let me know, what other information is needed and how I can retrieve it.

Thanks in advance,


Well, the last line states “Read-only file system”, and that’s probably the reason for all your problems.
The system partition (the root filesystem) is mounted read-only.

Maybe you installed the systemd update a week ago (that got reverted) causing this?
Press ‘e’ at the boot menu, look for the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”, and remove ‘ro’ if it is present.
That should fix the problem for this boot at least.
Then open YaST->Software Management and downgrade all packages with systemd or udev in the name that are displayed in red.

wolfi323, thanks so much, that solved the problem. You are right, that it happened after the update, but I wasn’t sure about it.

Here again we have the two sides of the coin: On the one hand I love that we can solve these problems and that there is a helpful community. On the other hand: Why does this has to happen? It locked me out of a productive system for more than a week.

In YaST I found the packages for udev and systemd in version 16.1 marked in red. Would I downgrade these to 12.1?

Well, this is a community distribution.
The updates are freely available for everyone for testing at least a week before they are released.

But apparently too few people actually test things. Most just complain when something doesn’t work as expected after the release…

I did install this particular update, and had no problems here. It does not happen on all systems, only EFI which I do not use.
And that’s also one of the problems: many bugs/problems are very specific to the particular system in use (e.g. what kind of hardware, what exact other packages are installed, and so on).

If you want a professional/commercial distribution/operating system, you can get that too, but you have to pay for it.

In YaST I found the packages for udev and systemd in version 16.1 marked in red. Would I downgrade these to 12.1?

No. You should downgrade them to 16.1, that’s the previous version. The update has been removed completely and is not in the repo any more.

Thanks for the explanation, I will keep it in mind. I use openSUSE, not because I don’t want to/can pay, but because I like it best :slight_smile: